Company profile

SOYUZPROM is a rapidly developing company actively operating in the market. Its activities focus on boosting the effectiveness of nation-oriented enterprises operating in Russia's internal market. The key areas of the Company’s business are direct investments into the real sector of economy.

The Company’s history began in 1989 with implementation of projects in the field of microelectronics at electronics manufacturing facilities. In addition, projects in the related areas were implemented: the Company proceeded from scientific development of computer elements to sales of end products. A number of trading and banking projects were implemented in the early 90s; following the crisis in 1998 the Company's business activity expanded to such investment-attractive areas as construction and development projects and production of foodstuffs. Having implemented new projects in the recent years, SOYUZPROM has become the core of powerful group of independent companies operating in various business areas.

The basic principle of management for companies owned by SOYUZPROM is development of management systems on the basis of the standards accepted in Western direct investment funds: each company is an autonomous business unit, the operating management of which is the charge of an independent team of high qualified managers.

Direct investments are the main line of SOYUZPROM’s investment business, since they ensure control over the assets and full power in making the most efficient decisions to the benefit of shareholders. SOYUZPROM's goal is purchasing at least a blocking stake in companies, because this allows the advanced investment activities and efficient company management.

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bld. 23/1, Malyi Tishinskyi pereulok,

Moscow, 123056, Russia.


+7 499 253 77 57, 

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